Flood Services

Flood Certifications (Basic)

Accurate, timely, reliable flood zone determinations in all 50 states and U.S. territories. CBCInnovis has compatible interfaces with virtually every popular loan origination systems. If your loan origination system is not currently on our list, we will be happy to investigate the creation of an interface to meet your needs.

Life of Loan Tracking (LOL) - Flexible Notification Methods

Downstream Protection ensures your investment is secure from loan closing to payoff. This service guarantees CBCInnovis will track the flood status of a property through the term of the loan. When a FEMA flood map is revised, CBCInnovis will notify you of any flood status changes within sixty (60) days. Life of Loan service is fully transferable. For added lender flexibility, a Life of Loan notification report can be delivered via fax, mail, or email; a new certification will be reissued upon request.


CBCInnovis offers a re-determination process based on additional information provided by the lender or borrower. At no additional charge to you, we will be happy to research, re-evaluate, and verify that an accurate determination has been made.

Map Copy

Upon request, a visual representation of the subject property and flood zone layer will accompany the Standard Flood Hazard Determination form. Map Copy can be ordered at anytime in your process, prior to or after the determination is made. On properties not in a Special Flood Hazard Area, Map Copy will show the distance to the closest flood zone if one exists within 5,000 feet.

Portfolio Loans - Audit existing or acquired loans

  • Audits a lender's portfolio of existing loans
  • Flood certification on every loan
  • Guaranteed accuracy and completeness

HMDA/Census Tract Information

  • Available on all certifications
  • State and County FIPS
  • Tract and Block Group Codes
  • Processing available on loans where a flood certification has not been ordered